Tea Tuesday: The Art of Med-TEA-tation

Thich Nhat Hanh

“Tea is a place to escape to when you cannot ease your cares in the mountains. Tea is the hut beneath the pine in the midst of the city.”
~Toyohara Sumiaki

Have you ever gotten so involved with what you’re doing (even if it’s not that great) that you look down into your cup of tea (or coffee, if that floats your boat) and…IT’S EMPTY? Even worse, you have absolutely no recollection about exactly when or how that happened. One minute you had a nice warm cuppa, and the next…your cup is as cold and empty as a wasteland. Unfortunately, I find myself doing that more and more often these days, especially as I get wrapped up in end-of-season stuff for The Gymnast, The Teenager’s not-so-great grades, holiday *stuff*…it can be a lot for ANY person! Today, I finally took a step to help fix Empty-Cup-Unawares Syndrome (ECUS. Appropriate because I sometimes do. 😉 ). It’s so simple and was so nice that I have pledged to try to do it every day with at least one of my numerous cups of tea. So today, dear readers, I shall share with you the art of Med-TEA-tation.



The best thing about this is that you don’t need any special equipment, any special instructions…nothing but a place to be and a cup of tea (Dr. Seuss, I am not.). Basically, it just entails making yourself a cup of tea – preferably one that you truly enjoy for the flavor, not one to drink just to get caffeine in your veins. Once it’s made, sit in a reasonably comfortable position (I like cross-legged on the couch for the back support), close your eyes, and just be in the moment. Sip your tea, listen to the sounds around you, breathe deep (but please – NOT while you’re taking a sip), and truly taste your tea. You don’t have to worry about clearing your mind – in fact, you would probably be amused if I did a stream of consciousness blurt about exactly what went through my head. You don’t need to follow any specific meditation. Just relax, close your eyes, and truly ENJOY your tea. Be One with the Tea. I didn’t even set a timer – I just figured that whenever I finished my cuppa, well, that was good enough.

Meditation in a cup

Meditation in a cup

Seems like such a simple thing, to take a short time and just be. However, speaking from experience, it can be incredibly challenging. So here’s a way to sneak 5 minutes of peace into your day – AND YOU’RE EVEN MULTI-TASKING. Right?! Relaxing, hydrating, *and* caffeinating? Now that, my friends. is supreme.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Seriously, though. The holiday season is upon us, the majority of us are overbooked and under-rested, our kids are crazy, the shopping is absurd, and people all over have simply lost their minds. Don’t be one of them. It will make things better for you, and probably for everyone around you. Anywhere, any time, any tea – that’s going to be my new motto. Care to join me?

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