Killing ourselves so Daesh doesn’t have to

I can’t sleep. My mind is racing – worry, fear, anger…because there were two more mass shootings today. One is huge and overshadowing the other, but…there were two. And so I feel the need to be blunt. More blunt than many, but maybe getting it out there will help me finally get some rest.

This “gun-control” argument? The one that is like a merry-go-round that never stops? It’s not about the present. For the majority of us, that is. For some, those who are now beginning their grieving and/or recovering process – this IS about the present. But it’s also about the future. And for most of us, that’s what we are failing to think about.

Those of you who are all macho “I always have my weapon”, “All it takes is a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.”…I’m guessing a lot of you have kids. Either you do, or you will. Picture those kids, their laughter, their attitudes, their smiles. Kids that will become more precious to you than your own life. That you would happily lay your own life on the line to protect. Well, here’s the thing. YOU WON’T ALWAYS BE THERE. Someday, those kids will go to the mall. They will go to school. They will go to a movie. They may go out on a lovely dinner date. They may even go to church to worship. AND YOU WON’T BE THERE. And in one moment in time, your precious child will intersect with someone who has little regard for human life. And they will die. A horrible, painful, terrifying death. Maybe it will be a quick shot to the head, their intelligence and humor splattered on the wall behind them. Maybe it will be slow, bleeding out with no help, afraid of dying and thinking of how sad mom and dad will be.

Or, maybe not. Maybe they will be one of the “lucky” ones. Maybe they will just be horribly wounded – paralyzed, life as they have always known it changed forever. Months in the hospital, attempting to recover. Maybe it will be their best friend, their girlfriend, their pastor, who has their blood flowing all over them, breathing their last as your child attempts to play dead just to survive. Or maybe they’ll REALLY be “lucky”, and no one they know will be killed or maimed in front of them. Instead, it will be strangers, and they will suffer from nightmares the rest of their lives. Always at least a little afraid to go into public places, checking for exits and wondering about the people around them.

THAT is the future we are creating for ourselves and our children and our grandchildren. One where safe places are no longer safe, and people’s lives have little value next to a “right” that I’m pretty sure has been taken far out of context and probably has the founders of the Constitution rolling over in their graves. So here’s the deal. If you are more worried about having your guns, then fine. I doubt anything I say will change your mind. BUT OWN IT. Don’t be a chicken-shit. Have the balls to stand up and declare that your guns are more important to you than other people’s lives. Because in the end, as our children are bleeding out, one by one by one by 14 more, THAT is the truth of our future.

PS. If you’ve read this far, before you go caterwauling about “liberal pussies who have never held a gun”, I think you should know – I grew up in a redneck, small-town hunting family. ¾ of the food we ate came from hunting or fishing or our own garden. And yes, I went hunting, too. I served in the military, as did my husband – who retired after 25 years. He currently owns 3 or 4 guns, and both of us have owned weapons in the past. But none of that negates the fact that, someday, my children – and yours – will be in a place where we cannot protect them.

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