Baking Soda to the Rescue!

Baking Soda

Baked on spots

I love my Le Creuset cookware (Dear Le Creuset – Please have your people call my people (ummm…me). I’m sure we can work something out 😉 ). Actually, I only have two pots, but someday I *will* have a couple of their skillets. Anyway, when cooking with the ceramic-covered cookware, it can be difficult to get the last little bits of stain off from browning food. It can also be difficult to keep the ceramic from showing marks if you use metal cookware. Doesn’t matter how much soap you try to use – you can’t ever get it all off. Throw the Teenager and his stellar (HA!) cleaning skills, and sometimes it’s weeks before I realize that the baked on food is still…well…baked on. Enter the not-so-secret cleaning power of baking soda!

scrubbing paste

Many of you reading this are probably nodding and moving right along – and that’s fine. If you know this trick, I salute you! I took me well into my 30’s before someone finally shared it with me, and the first time I tried it, I swear I heard angels singing. Such a simple process, using only a little elbow grease to go with the baking soda, and yet the ceramic always comes out looking gorgeous.

spots be gone

The long and short of this is – make a thick paste with the baking soda. Depending on the amount that needs cleaning, I usually start with about a tablespoon in a bowl. Then you can either make the paste in the bowl, or sprinkle the baking soda on the item and then sprinkle some water on that. Then, using your fingers, scrub the spots away. Seriously, you will be amazed at how easy this is. Every so often, I break out the baking soda and give my pots a good scrub down, inside and out, to help keep them in good shape. The bonus is that baking soda is cheap, it’s plentiful, and it’s not harmful to pets or people. Should you want a little aromatic lift, feel free to add a drop of your favorite essential oil into the paste. Nothing like a little citrus to help cut grease and lift the spirits!

all clean

This method can be used anywhere that harsh scrubbers will cause scratching – tiles in the bathroom, faucets, light fixtures…it also tends to work well on places where there can be that nasty, sticky grease build-up (Range hood, anyone?). It may take a little more baking soda and/or a little more elbow grease, but soon you’ll have things sparkling clean again, without the need for expensive specialty cleaners or harsh chemicals. And to the person that originally thought, “Hmm…I’ll just use this to try and clean with.” – well, I lift my ceramic-covered lid and salute you.

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