Yep. I’ve been absent. We have a lot going on here right now – family coming into town today, The Gymnast has State this weekend, The Teenager is approaching finals…and I am the Taxi Driver/Enforcer/Hugger/Worrier for it all. Plus, to be totally honest, the terrorist attack in Paris this past Friday really affected me. I may (or may not) write more about that a little later, but…for now, a quick little blog post.

John Scalzi has been a favorite person (who happens to be an author) of mine for a while now. Today, he upped that. He posted on his blog that he is removing his work from consideration for all awards this year, the better to just enjoy the process of being a fan and to allow others to also enjoy success. Such a rare thing in today’s world, for someone successful to say they – GASP! – have enough and want to share. Here is his blog post, and kudos to Mr. Scalzi. Just one more reason to think he’s the bomb!

John Scalzi blog post

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